Fiction Family – Fiction Family – 2009

January 30, 2009

I may be taking some liberty with the use of the word “Folk” here, but I have to share this one. I’ve recently been trying to determine who my favorite song writers are. To narrow that list down to 5 or so would be very difficult. Though, I am sure that any such list I were to concoct would definately have to have the nameJon Foreman somewhere near the top. Starting out with Switchfoot, Mr. Foreman has recently begin to dive head first into the solo artist world with the 2007/08 release of his four EPs (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.) More recently, Jon has collaborated with Nickel Creek Alumn Sean Watkins on a widely-released project entitled “Fiction Family.”

With each new track Jon Foreman releases, my appreciation of his art form grows and grows. It’s not that his musical content is particularly complex or innovative. In fact, the music itself can often hover around routine, in comparison with his other work. The blaring appeal of Jon Foreman is his relentless expression of life and truth through the lyrics he awkwardly, but passionately, bellows throughout his releases. It was true of Switchfoot, as it is true of the new projects that he has turned to.  Mr. Foreman continues to grow and evolve in his art of self-expression,  and we should feel blessed to indulge ourselves in it.  Here’s the single from Fiction Family, the new one.

Fiction Family:  When She’s Near


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