Jackson Browne – The Pretender – 1976

May 9, 2010

This is what music should be; the drowning drone of innocence and heartache, the silky siren voice of love and loss, the heartfelt proclamations of the inner turmoil that lies within. Jackson Browne knows how to make love and life and losing come to life. The layered harmonies and slide guitar give a smooth and soulful feeling that give the listener a feeling of empathy. It’s an intoxicating sound that lays the setting for his greatest attribute; his words. He has such a beautiful way of expressing the deepest parts of all of us and the struggle we all know amidst story lines of love and loss. He paints empathetic pictures as he croons;

Now to see things clear it’s hard enough I know
While you’re waiting for reality to show
Without dreaming of the perfect love
And holding it so far above
That if you stumbled onto someone real, you’d never know

His terrific ability to express feelings and emotions that I myself feel and empathize with have placed him in my list of favorites for years and years. Have a listen:

The Pretender
The only child


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