Sun Kil Moon – Ghosts of the Great Highway – 2003

July 29, 2010

I experienced this album in a unique way. I was on a plane, my senior year of High School, on my way to Costa Rica to visit my sister who was studying there. A friend of mine had suggested Mark Kozelek’s newest project at the time to me, and I took the chance to check it out. I was never sorry. As I sat through the flight, I was immersed in Kozelek’s drowning voice, full of melancholy and regret, but existentially beautiful. The album is haunted by a sense of the Central American way of living, with songs that dance in and out of thematic congruence, centered around characters such as Panch Villa and Salvador Sanchez. So, in the midst of my quest, I was exposed to the beautiful melodies that seemed to perfectly coincide with the excitement and rustic adventure of my journey. I’m sure that anyone lacking the same pretense of experience can still get fully lost in Kozelek’s beautiful way of invoking empathy and wonder in his listeners. This one is as good as he gets, in my opinion. Have a listen:

Si Paloma – Sun Kil Moon

Carry Me Ohio – Sun Kil Moon

Official Site


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